Another Type Of Structure And Dynamics

Trefoil Knot

The simplest knot is the Trefoil knot.


Lynnclaire's Trefoil knot has an addition loop.
(It is still a "Trefoil" knot with the added loop.)

This knot can be formed by 2 interesting helices.
(Not smooth at the 2 connecting points.)

The knot can involute around torus.
(3 loops around, twice going through the hole.)

Is this the first occurrence of a "living" system?

The knot can flex "open" and "closed".

The "open" position maps onto a Tetrahedron.

It can also map to a minimum surface: Enneper Surface.


We can put a sphere around this surface and trim....

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Copyright September, 2007 by Robert W. Gray