144 Polyhedron and the Earth

Here are some images of the 144 Polyhedron and the Earth.

The Earth showing North Pole view....

Figure #1

Earth partially transparent. The 144 polyhedron can be seen within. Octahedron vertex of the 144 is aligned with the North Pole. Another vertex of the 144 is aligned with England.

Figure #2

The 48 "light cones" are added as orange circles. One cone passing through England.

Figure #3

All vertices of the 144 are projected outward so that they are all at the same distance from the center of the Earth. These are shown as red spheres.

Figure #4

Earth made solid so the 144 is not seen. All vertices and light cone locations remain visible.

Figure #5

Some different points of view....

Figure #6
Figure #7
Figure #8
Figure #9
Figure #10
Figure #11

Since the "light cones" are not evenly distributed over the surface of the Earth, there is another orientation in which an Octahedron vertex is at the North and South poles and which there is a light cone passing through England. Here is this other orientation. (The 144 polyhedron has simply been rotated on the North-South axis by 60 degrees.)

Figure #5 Old Orientation Figure #12 New Orientation

Here are some different points of view using the new orientation.

Figure #13
Figure #14
Figure #15
Figure #9 Old Orientation Figure #16 New Orientation
Figure #17
Figure #18

Also, when all the 144 vertices are projected onto a sphere, it is easy to see its relation with the VE. Here are 2 illustrations in which I add 4 great circles to outline the VE's edges.

Figure #19
Figure #20

This shows that the 144 Poly can be constructed from (and is within) a 3-frequency VE. (I am sure I've mentioned this on other web pages.) (The vertex to vertex connections (edges) are changed to form the 144, but not the vertex positions.)

Now recall that Nassim's 64 tetra-polyhedron can be formed by adding a tetrahedron to each of a VE's 8 triangular faces. In this case, the 144 Polyhedron would be contained within the 64 tetra-polyhedron.

(My previous comments indicated that the 64 is contained within the 144. But, it can also be looked at from the point of view of the 144 within the 64. Depends on the scale. Both of these polyhedra's vertices match the Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM) vertices, which is the FCC lattice. The IVM is fractal, scale invarient, recursive, etc. so you will have the 144 and 64 at various levels/scales.)

Here is the 120 polyhedron. One of the Octahedron vertices is aligned with The North pole. Another is aligned over England.

Figure #21

The 120 Polyhedron's vertices are projected onto the Earth.

Figure #22
Figure #23

Various points of view.

Figure #24
Figure #25
Figure #26
Figure #27