Knot Movies

Here are some GIF movies showing Lynnclaire's knot pattern evolving on the surface of a torus.

Check out Lou Kauffman's web pages for more information about knots and about the Pattern Knot.

The first movie shows the pattern as you are looking down on the torus. The torus in not shown on the left side so you can see the entire pattern. The pattern is folding in on itself as the torus is evoluting. The torus is not spinning!

It is interesting that there appears to be an "intrinsic" spin to the pattern. Again, the torus is not spinning! Could this be a property of any knot on a torus which is evoluting? That is, if a torus is evoluting (turning in on itself) you automatically get a spinning motion from the knot as well?

I seem to recall a "crop circle" that looks like the above left image. If you know of this image and can locate it for me on the web, please let me know.

This next movie is a side view of the pattern as it turns in on itself.

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