The Tree Of Life In 3D

I was reading Linda Moulton Howe's book Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles (a very good book) and saw on page 80 a crop circle in the shape of the "The Kabbalistic Tree of Life".

I had seen this around before, but not being particularly interested in "mystical" things, I hadn't really studied it in any detail.

(I don't have the crop circle image used in the book, but here is one from a different angle to that shown in the book. Sorry, I don't know who took this picture or I would give appropiate credit.)

What struck me was that the "lower" 4 circles, in my eyes, represented a tetrahedron, a 3 dimensional (3D) polyhedron. This started me thinking that the rest of the Tree of Life may be a 3 dimensional figure.

Visually, there are other tetrahedra in the Tree of Life, but this is the one that got my attention first.

I constructed the Tree of Life in a 3D computer program I wrote. Here is the result.

This looks a little funny. Mostly because of the perspective view used by the 3D program I used to create it. So some blue spheres look bigger than other spheres even though they all have the same diameter.

I created this by looking at various orientations of different lattices. I first tried the FCC (Face Centered Cubic) Lattice. Then I tried the SC (Simple Cubic) Lattice. The simple cubic lattice seemed to match very well.

Here it is from another point of view.

There are probably other ways that the Tree of Life can be constructed in 3D.

The way I have shown involves not only the simple cubic lattice (green lines) but also 2 different FCC lattices. This is because some of the red cylinders/edges of the Tree of Life are the face diagonals of the (green) cubes.

Other orientations and lattices are being investigated.

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