Moral of the Work

Dare to be naive.

Please do not refrain from reading this book because you have become suspicious that a comprehensive inventory of discovery precludes further discovery.

It is one of our most exciting discoveries that local discovery leads to a complex of further discoveries. Corollary to this we find that we no sooner get a problem solved than we are overwhelmed with a multiplicity of additional problems in a most beautiful payoff of heretofore unknown, previously unrecognized, and as-yet unsolved problems.

A complex of further discoverabilities is inherent in eternally regenerative Universe and its omni-interaccommodative complex of unique and eternal generalized principles. It is inherently potential in the integrity of eternal regeneration and the inherent complexity of unity that god is the unknowable totality of generalized principles which are only surprisingly unveiled, thereby synergetically inaugurating entirely new, heretofore unpredicted-because unpredictable-ages .

Each age is characterized by its own astronomical myriads of new, special-case experiences and problems to be stored in freshly born optimum capacity human brains-which storages in turn may disclose to human minds the presence of heretofore undiscovered, unsuspectedly existent eternal generalized principles.

- R B F

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