140.00 Corollary of Synergy: Principle of the Whole System

141.00 There is a corollary of synergy known as the Principle of the Whole System, which states that the known behaviors of the whole plus the known behaviors of some of the parts may make possible discovery of the presence of other parts and their behaviors, kinetics, structures, and relative dimensionalities.
142.00 The known sum of the angles of a triangle plus the known characteristics of three of its six parts (two sides and an included angle or two angles and an included side) make possible evaluating the others. Euler's topology provides for the synergetic evaluation of any visual system of experiences, metaphysical or physical, and Willard Gibbs' phase rule provides synergetic evaluation of any tactile system.
143.00 The systematic accounting of the behavior of whole aggregates may disclose discretely predictable angle-and-frequency magnitudes required of some unknown components in respect to certain known component behaviors of the total and known synergetic aggregate. Thus the definitive identifications permitted by the Principle of the Whole System may implement conscious synergetic definition strategies with incisive prediction effectiveness.

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