Fig. 453.01

Fig. 453.01 Great Circles of Vector Equilibrium Define Lowest Common Multiple Triangle: 1/48th of a Sphere: The shaded triangle is 1/48th of the entire sphere and is the lowest common denominator (in 24 rights and 24 lefts) of the total spherical surface. The 48 LCD triangles defined by the 25 great circles of the vector equilibrium are grouped together in whole increments to define exactly the spherical surface areas, edges, and vertexes of the spherical tetrahedron, spherical cube, spherical octahedron, and spherical rhombic dodecahedron. The heavy lines are the edges of the four great circles of the vector equilibrium. Included here is the spherical trigonometry data for this lowest-common-denominator triangle of 25-great-circle hierarchy of the vector equilibrium.

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