Fig. 460.08

Fig. 460.08 Symmetrical Contraction of Vector Equilibrium: Jitterbug System: If the vector equilibrium is constructed with circumferential vectors only and joined with flexible connections, it will contract symmetrically due to the instability of the square faces. This contraction is identical to the contraction of the concentric sphere packing when its nuclear sphere is removed. This system of transformation has been referred to as the "jitterbug." Its various phases are shown in both left- and right-hand contraction:
  1. Vector equilibrium phase: the beginning of the transformation.
  2. Icosahedron phase: When the short diagonal dimension of the quadrilateral face is equal to the vector equilibrium edge length, 20 equilateral triangular faces are formed.
  3. Further contraction toward the octahedron phase.
  4. Octahedron phase: Note the doubling of the edges.

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