Fig. 465.01

Fig. 465.01 Four Axes of Vector Equilibrium with Rotating Wheels or Triangular Cams:
  1. The four axes of the vector equilibrium suggesting a four-dimensional system. In the contraction of the "jitterbug" from vector equilibrium to the octahedron, the triangles rotate about these axes.
  2. Each triangle rotates in its own cube.
  3. The four axes of the vector equilibrium shown with wheels replacing the triangular faces. The wheels are tangent to one another at the vertexes of the triangles, and when one wheel is turned, the others also rotate. If one wheel is immobilized and the system is rotated on the axes of this wheel, the opposite wheel remains stationary, demonstrating the polarity of the system.
  4. Each wheel can be visualized as rotating inwardly on itself thereby causing all other wheels to rotate in a similar fashion.
  5. If each wheel is conceived as a triangular cam shape, when they are rotated a continuous "pumping" or reciprocating action is introduced.

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