Fig. 466.01

Fig. 466.01 Reciprocal Motion of Nine Internal Spheres Propagates Wave by Diagonal Elongation: (The original version of this drawing was copyrighted by R. Buckminster Fuller in 1944.) This is a planar representation of the closest-packed spheres in the outer layer as they skew-transform between the icosahedral and the vector equilibrium phases.
  1. Apex sphere K surrounded by two 16-ball grids M and N, and by short-axis diamond E and long-axis diamond D.
  2. The 90-degree alignment of the 16 balls of any one of the six square faces of the vector equilibrium.
  3. Plan view of the closest-packing aspects of any one of the vector equilibrium's four pairs of nuclear tetrahedra as they begin to torque in the jitterbug process.
  4. Short-axis diamond.
  5. Long-axis diamond.

Copyright © 1997 Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller