Fig. 901.03

Fig. 901.03 Basic Right Triangle of Geodesic Sphere: Shown here is the basic data for the 31 great circles of the spherical icosahedron, which is the basis for all geodesic dome calculations. The basic right triangle as the lowest common denominator of a sphere's surface includes all the data for the entire sphere. It is precisely 1/120th of the sphere's surface and is shown as shaded on the 31-great-circle- sphere (A). An enlarged view of the same triangle is shown (B) with all of the basic data denoted. There are three different external edges and three different internal edges for a total of six different edges. There are six different internal angles other than 60º or 90º. Note that all data given is spherical data, i.e. edges are given as central angles and face angles are for spherical triangles. No chord factors are shown. Those not already indicated elsewhere are given by the equation 2 sin(theta/2), where theta is the central angle. Solid lines denote the set of 15 great circles. Dashed lines denote the set of 10 great circles. Dotted lines denote the set of 6 great circles.

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