Fig. 913.01

Fig. 913.01 Division of the Quarter-Tetrahedron into Six Parts: A Quanta Module:
  1. The regular tetrahedron is divided volumetrically into four identical quarters.
  2. The quarter-tetrahedron is divided into six identical irregular tetrahedra, which appear as three right-hand and three left-hand volumetric units each equal in volume to 1/24th of the original tetrahedron. This unit is called the A Module.
  3. The plane net which will fold into either left or right A modules is shown. Vertex C is at the vertex of the regular tetrahedron. Vertex E is at the center of gravity of the tetrahedron. Vertex D is at the mid-edge of the tetrahedron. Vertex F is at the center of the tetrahedron face. Note that AD = FB, DE = EB, and AC = CF.

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