Fig. 923.10

Fig. 923.10 Constant Volume of A and B Quanta Modules:
  1. A comparison of the end views of the A and B Quanta Modules shows that they have equal volumes by virtue of the fact that they have equal base areas and identical altitudes.
  2. It follows from this that if a line, originating at the center of area of the triangular base of a regular tetrahedron, is projected through the apex of the tetrahedron to infinity, is subdivided into equal Increments, it will give rise to additional Modules to infinity. Each additional Module will have the same volume as the original A or B Module, and as the incremental line approaches infinity the Modules will tend to become lines, but lines still having the same volume as the original A or B Module
  3. End view shows Modules beyond the H Module shown in (B).
  4. The two discrete members X and Y can move anywhere along their respective axes and the volume of the irregular tetrahedron remains constant. The other four edges vary as required.

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