Fig. 982.68

Fig. 982.58 Nuclear Sphere of Volume 5 Enclosing the Vector Equilibrium of Volume 2 1/2 with the Vector Equilibrium's Vertexes Congruent with the Nuclear Sphere: Shown are 15 of the Basic Disequilibrium 120 LCD triangles per sphere which transform as A Quanta Module tetrahedra. In the 25-great-circle subdividing of the vector equilibrium's sphere, the three great-circles produce the spherical octahedron, one of whose eight spherical triangles is shown here. As was shown on the icosahedron, the 120 triangles of the 15 great circles divide the sphere in such a way that the spherical octahedron's triangle can be identified exactly with 15 Basic Disequilibrium 120 LCD Triangles. Here we show the 15 disequilibrium triangles on the spherical octahdron of the vector equilibrium: 8&215;15=120 spherical right triangles which tangentially accommodate-closely but not exactly-the 120 A Quanta Modules folded into tetrahedra and inserted, acute corners inward to the sphere's center, which could not be exactly accommodated in the shallower icosahedral phase because of nuclear collapse and radius shortening in the icosahedron.

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