Fig. 987.221

Fig. 987.221 Four-great-circle Systems of Octahedron and Vector Equilibrium: Symmetry #2:
  1. Six-great-circle fractionation of octahedron (as shown in Figs. 987.240 B and C) defines centers of octa faces; interconnecting the pairs of opposite octa faces provides the octahedron's four axes of symmetry__here shown extended.
  2. Four mid-face-connected spin axes of octahedron generate four great circle trajectories.
  3. Octahedron removed to reveal inadvertent definition of vector equilibrium by octahedron's four great circles. The four great circles of the octahedron and the four great circles of the vector equilibrium are in coincidental congruence. (The vector equilibrium is a truncated octahedron; their triangular faces are in parallel planes.)

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