Written by Robert W. Gray, Summer 1997 R. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics
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The Synergetics on the Web Project:
Status Report

October 7, 2002

Ed Applewhite would appreciate reading your comments on the Synergetics work. You may e-mail him at EdApple@aol.com.

December 23rd, 2001

The 2 most common comments I have received most often with respect to Synergetics on my web pages are: 1) How can I print a copy, and 2) There are 3 figures and tables missing.

I have imported the Synergetics web pages into Adobe Acrobat and created PDF files. There are now links to these PDF files for printing. You will need to install the Adobe PDF Reader web browser plugin to access these files. (The Adobe PDF Reader is free.)

Note that this provides a way to print the web pages, and not a "print quality, book format" version of Synergetics. This means that the images are all web quality, not print quality. I am well aware that web browsers have a print option, but, in my experience, the format of such printing can be very poor, to the point of splitting a single line of text onto 2 separate printed pages. The PDF version is a little better formated when printed.

The Color Plates, posters, and drawing sections have not been converted to PDF files for printing. This is because, as I mentioned above, the images I have are only web quality images, not print quality images. Therefore, when I tried to import these images and print them out, the quality was so poor it was not worth pursuing.

I have also removed the HTML "frame" presentation of these web pages. HTML frames were originally used to provide a menu of options at the bottom of each page. This has prevented people from linking directly to numbered sections within Synergetics. The menu of options has been replaced with JavaScript code and Cascading Style Sheet. This requires that JavaScript be enabled in the web browser.

The missing figures and tables have been included.

A text searching capability is planned, but has not been implemented yet.

I have recentely moved the Synergetics web pages onto my own web server. This provides me with far more disk space than the ISP I was using to host my web site. Having my own web server provided the space I needed for storing the PDF files for the print option. Unfortunately, my web connection is a little slow, so downloading web pages with lots or large images (or downloading large PDF files) is slow.

Robert W. Gray


September 18th, 1997

Work on finishing web Synergetics continues but is slow because of other commitments that I have. I have been able to find the time to make the following changes/corrections:

I would like to thank Chris Fearnley for setting up a mirror site for Synergetics. It may be reached at (). (02-05-2002: Chris informs me that the mirror site is no longer available.)

Robert W. Gray


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