Exploring The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) Model

Here I explore various aspects of the Milo Wolff's Wave Structure of Matter model.

The best general reader source is: Exploring The Physics Of The Unknown Universe by Milo Wolff, 2nd ed., 1994. Here is the Mathematical Appendix to this book.

Also check out Milo Wolff's book Schrodinger's Universe: Einstein, Waves & the Origin of the Natural Laws.

Other websites, References, Papers and Bits from Books can be found with this link.

I have posted what I think may be "problems" with the WSM model. (06-13-2008)

My calculations for the particle/anti-particle wave functions. (06-13-2008)

Following Milo's calculations for some Special Relativity particle relations in WSM. (06-22-2008)

Spherical Rotations are investigated. This motion of the space medium defines the "core" of the "particles". (06-03-2008)

What is meant by CW and CCW? (06-03-2008)

I extend spherical rotation to a 1/2-wave length. (06-03-2008)

I attempt to explain what a particle and anti-particle are in the WSM model. (06-08-2008)

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Last updated: 06-03-2008