Fig. 987.230
Fig. 987.230

Fig 987.230 Subdivision of Tetrahedral Unity: Symmetry #3:
  1. The large triangle is the tetrahedron face. The smaller inscribed triangle is formed by connecting the mid-points of the tetra edges and represents the octa face congruent with the plane of the tetra face.
  2. Connecting the midpoints of the opposite pairs of the internal octahedron's 12 edges provides the six axes of spin for the six great circle system of Symmetry #3. The perpendicular bisectors at A and B are projections resulting from the great circle spinning. B also shows an oblique view of the half- Tetra or "Chef's Caps" separated by the implied square. (For other views of Chef's Caps compare Figs. 100.103 B and 527.08 A&B.)
  3. The six great circle fractionations subdivide the tetrahedron into 24 A Quanta Modules.
  4. Exploded view of the tetrahedron's 24 A Quanta Modules.
  5. Further explosion of tetrahedron's A Quanta Modules.

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