Each scenario is a narrative sequence of geometrical exposition written-and intended to be read-as a separate continuity.

Child as Explorer 100.01-100.63
Nature in a Corner 260.00-269.07
Complex Humans 311.11-311.18
Metaphysics 326.00-326.50
Pattern 505.50-505.83
Space 526.10-526.35
Spherical Gravity 646.10-646.22
Tensegrity 790.10-795.11
Annihilation 935.00-938.16
*Demass Model 986.00-986.874
Multiplication by Division 987.00-987.416
Geometry of Nine 1013.00-1013.64
Involvement Field 1033.00-1033.92
Minimum Topology 1044.00-1044.13
Physical Periodicities 1052.50-1052.71
Growth and Decay 1053.80-1053.85
Geometry of Two 1070.00-1077.11
Typewriter 1130.00-1133.04

* The author suggests that beginning readers should start their explorations at the Demass Model: it presents a broad survey of the evolution of his geometry as well as a model of Einstein's equation.

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